As the chaotic, and somewhat scandalous 2020 came to an end, we wanted to pause and meditate on what we have accomplished, and what we aspire to do in 2021.

1. Gratitude

First, we want to thank the setbacks. Where did we come from? How did we come up with Sleegal AI? We get asked a lot by investors, potential customers, and candidates that want to work for our team. We really started thinking about Sleegal AI after a series of somewhat funny sequences of events. Granted, some of us have been in the legal world and have lived through the pain…

1. Not choosing the right legal entity.

Sole proprietorship? Usually not the best recommended entity if you want to shield your personal property. LLC? Quick, easy and tax pass through, but has its limitations. S corp can be a great choice if you have a limited number of shareholders and they are not foreigners. C corp is the “golden” form if you want to raise capital and plan to grow a great deal, but be ready to pay for the tax bills. Think it through and better even, consult with a company formation lawyer.

2. Not seeking the right copyright and trademark.

The worst you can do is to create a brand, spend money on…

We have been asked frequently how to distinguish an independent contractor from a company employee. From the company’s perspective, it matters because the company does not need to provide benefits such as insurance and 401k plans for independent contractors, nor does the company need to pay for taxes such as social security and unemployment taxes. Further more, the independent contractors are much less regulated than regular employees, where the companies need to abide by multiple layers of rules and regulations regarding hiring and firing, vacation policy, etc.

So what are the factors to distinguish employees from independent contractors? What makes…

People ask us frequently about how two persons can hold title to a piece of property. They wonder about the respective pros and cons and the recommended property ownership methods. They tend to be amazed of how complicated it gets. The answer is, of course, it depends.

Say, for example, you wish to pass the property on without needing to write a will or having the property go through probate, maybe joint tenancy or tenancy by entirety (if you and the other owner are married) is the way to go. …

“My last boss made me sign a nondisclosure agreement.”

When we started to pitch to potential investors for our seed round, the question immediately became very real: do we want them to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement, also known as “NDA”? Under what circumstances? Why? How does that protect us? If so, what kind of NDA?

If you are working on a startup and when you are thinking through the necessary legal documents you need for your business, this should be on the top of your list.

Why a NDA?

This is not a new topic for any one who has engaged with…

Yesterday was opening day at Heavenly. So after a lot of shenanigans about not being able to find our ski clothes (thus we needed to buy new ones), renting the ski gear for my younger daughter, and waiting in line to pick up our season pass (which was supposed to be mailed to us but they were not, and this is the only way to get in : P), we are finally skiing. It was a blast! Worth all the hoops we had to jump through. …

credit goes to

Why can’t you just google?

When we are talking to prospective member lawyers and clients, we frequently get asked: why can’t one just google for legal help? what’s your value add?

Well, that’s a great question. That’s precisely why we built

Granted, google is a wonderful marketing and informational tool. That is, assuming you know what you want. But when you don’t, you can quickly go down a rabbit hole.

It’s not that easy.

We have found that finding lawyers can be very complex. If you are a sophisticated hedge fund or large corporation, with an army of in-house counsel and institutional knowledge, you may find that much…

We listened to this great Ted Talk by Alan Siegel. He preached for simplicity, transparency, and ultimately, empathy. We can’t agree more.


When it’s complicated, you don’t really understand. When you understand, you can say it in a simple and crisp way. Complication confuses, and simplicity enlightens. When we decided to build Sleegal AI, we want to bring simplicity and ease to every person who is looking for legal help. No more jargon. No more complicated 100+ item drop down menus. Just say your issue in your own words, we’ll help you find the legal help you need. That easy…

When we first started talking about to some big law firm partners, they chuckled at the idea. Why an online chatbot? We don’t need such “leads”. They said. But they are wrong.

AI is taking over the world. Data is taking over the world. The old ways of thinking about doing business are dying. Sooner or later, they will realize that this ignorance is costing them a lot of money. We are coming and we are coming fast! AI+Legal Knowledge

Why the old way of finding lawyers need to be transformed? Here are the three main reasons.

  1. Currently the lead generation…

For a long time, the word “legal tech” seemed an oxymoron. 20 years ago, if you asked a lawyer “how do you organize your documents”, the answer was mostly likely “folders”, if they didn’t mean literal paper folders . However, the world has transformed. As technology starts to creep into the legal world, we have seen hundreds of startups mushrooming in legal tech, many of whom raised tens or hundreds of millions. According to this article, in 2019 alone, $1.9B was invested in legal tech. What are the trends in legal tech?

  1. The front runners are e-discovery related tools. Smart…

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