Best Use Cases of Artificial Intelligence for the Legal Industry

We just hosted a Clubhouse chat about the use of Artificial Intelligence in the legal industry. We were asked: will AI one day replace all lawyers? I want to summarize the points we discussed and offer some insight here.

Where AI Excels

Big Data

Pre-Defined, Repeatable Tasks

Automating Workflows

Where AI Struggles

Where Can We Use AI in the Legal Industry?

Search (Legal Research, E-discovery, Due Diligence, Platforms for Finding a Lawyer)

Process Automation (CLM, Case Management, Complaint Filing)

Ironclad, along with other notable vendors (e.g. Linksquares), is an excellent Contract Lifecycle Management platform. Similarly, for litigation, several case management software solutions use AI, such as Clio and Litify. Additionally, AI is excellent at filing certain forms following predefined, simple steps. DonotPay is the pioneer in this area. For simple notarization, Notarize is also very good and efficient.

Simple Form Generation and Drafting (Form Contracts, Wills & Trusts)

What Can AI Not Replace Yet in the Legal Industry?

Ultimately AI is a machine. It cannot replace a human lawyer’s capacity to listen emphatically to clients and provide them with human communication that helps them understand their issues and assure them that they are in good hands.

The bottom line: the legal industry needs to adopt AI to replace human lawyers in areas where the tasks are data-heavy, repeatable, and automatable. However, we still need human lawyers for complex contractual and litigation issues, strategy and creativity, and empathic, communicative counseling that all of us want and need.

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