Three Reasons Why AI and Data Are a Big Deal For Legal Industry

When we first started talking about to some big law firm partners, they chuckled at the idea. Why an online chatbot? We don’t need such “leads”. They said. But they are wrong.

AI is taking over the world. Data is taking over the world. The old ways of thinking about doing business are dying. Sooner or later, they will realize that this ignorance is costing them a lot of money. We are coming and we are coming fast!

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Why the old way of finding lawyers need to be transformed? Here are the three main reasons.

  1. Currently the lead generation is inaccurate, messy, noisy. Without structured data, the lead generation is “trash in, trash out”. That’s why corporate lawyers get leads for divorce, and litigation lawyers get contracts for construction. Without an updated way to properly ingest, label and push data, accurate matching is nearly impossible. Messy data means wasted time screening leads and trying to distinguish noise from signal. It means lengthy phone conversations, only to discover at the end that the client cannot pay. In this big data era, this should not and cannot be the way we work.

At, we aim to make all of this from a dream into reality, from a vision into practice. We utilize big data and artificial intelligence to build our legal market place to be a delightful experience for both clients and lawyers. We use design thinking and state of art technology to transform how clients find lawyers and how lawyers take on clients. We want to make legal help accessible to anyone with a smart phone and can answer a few simple questions. We are here to democratize legal help. We are the new age google and yelp for lawyers.

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